Make Your Customers Feel Like You’re Spying On Them With Social Media Advertising.

Social media advertising is just one big social experiment to see what works. It’s not as easy as what most social media companies try to make you think it is.

Ever get suckered into clicking “boost post” on Facebook, only to realize that you got views and likes but no new customers?

You’re not alone! Almost every single company that we work with has tried to do their own paid social media advertising and has completely wasted their money.

What Goes Into a Profitable Social Media Advertising Campaign?

  • Develop multiple ad creatives to A/B split test, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This allows us to find the absolute best performing ad quickly.
  • Install marketing pixels on your website for all platforms that you plan on advertising with, this allows us to keep marketing to people who have already seen what we have to offer.
  • Use AI software to adjust your max CPC (Cost Per Click) to lower your advertising costs.
  • Run retargeting ads to customers who have already been on your website and know about your service. (This is where you will get most of your customers from with paid social media ads.)
  • Setup email/number opt-in forms on your website to optimize for lead generation (most visitors will not make a purchase their first visit, so follow up is key.)
  • Utilize a gate offer (small dollar amount product/service $5-$20) to offset your advertising costs if possible. (This is how you can really scale campaigns quickly).
  • Setup your target audience and locations to advertise to, we call this geofencing. It allows us to run laser focused ad campaigns to your ideal customers. We can even get as precise as advertising to a single street if you need to.

If you want to really want to be everywhere in your local community choose our Local SEO, Google Advertising & Social Media Advertising packages.

This is going to help you not only show up high in Google for the product or service that you offer but, it’s also going to help you stay in their faces when they are back on social media hanging out.

We Utilize Software & Data To Make All Of Our Paid Advertising Decisions

What separates us from our competitors is that we are heavily invested into AI technology. We understand that computers are better than humans for efficiency and mathematics in bulk.

Our proprietary software is going to give us weekly recommendations on your social media advertising campaigns and what we should continue using and what we should eliminate.

This allows us to capitalize on the advertising creatives that are working extremely well and allows us to cut the ones that are underperforming and wasting money.

With the amount of campaigns we have running at any given time it’s physically impossible to manage it all without our software. Your ad campaigns will be running through this same software when you decide to work with us.

Our software is going to be analyzing a few things:

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Messages
  • Cost Per Click

It’s going to be analyzing all of these in a combined format based on how much you spent to receive that engagement. There is truly no better way of monitoring a social media advertising campaign.

When you work with us you don’t have to worry about crazy long wait times for optimizing your campaigns.

Our software is integrated with the advertising platforms and allows us be able to point & click to adjust your campaigns on the fly. The times of spending hours in your advertising dashboard are over!

Start Flooding Your Niche With Our Social Media Advertising

We’re a huge fanatic of social media advertising because of how rapidly you can grow due to how cheap it is. When you have an advertisement that truly takes off with comments, likes, shares it can change your business forever.

We will hunt that perfect advertisement down through strenuous testing on our end.

Social media advertising takes a lot of finesse because, people will simply not make a decision the first time they see your advertising it’s possible, but not likely.

It takes anywhere from 7-15 times before you can turn someone on the fence into a customer, if they are serious about your product or service.

We’re here to partner with you and make social media advertising finally work for your business!

The best part about this service is that once it’s up and running and we narrow it down to the final winning ad creatives that are generating you the most customers, it’s a steady flow of traffic that is not going to go away until you stop paying for it.