Dominate Your Niche With Local Google Advertising Campaigns

Google advertising can cure all customer acquisition troubles almost immediately when done correctly.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with Google is so powerful because, you can market your product or services directly to the customers who are in the market to buy what you have to offer.

It’s instant, easy & laser focused. The only downside is that the cost per click is usually more than social media advertising because of how laser focused the targeting is. Google knows their data is worth more and they charge more.

However, it’s completely worth it and we can still work our magic to reduce your ad-spend! When you decide to choose us as your advertising company, we will be running all of your advertising campaigns through our AI powered software to help us reduce your advertising cost.

Our software allows us to quickly tweak, delete or add to campaigns based on what our software is recommending to us. This is how we are able to run a large amount of campaigns at any given time to give you the best chance of success.

Use this as an example: If you were to travel outside of your home state and you are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida craving a pizza. You’re most likely going to head over to Google and type in “best pizza in Fort Lauderdale”.

It’s just what we are trained to do as humans these days, 90% of people use Google as their main search engine. If you are not putting a serious amount of your marketing dollars into Google, now is the time.

Now, imagine you were the pizza shop owner and you ran an advertisement that was literally at the top of the Google search that said; “Tourists can take 15% off their first pizza at Mikes!”

Customers are very likely to click on that ad! Especially if you have great reviews.

First, you are at the top of Google and many people just choose the first result. Secondly, you have everything they are looking for and it’s quick for them to get their “research over with”. Consumers just want to find the best choice with the least amount of effort needed, we all do it! Being at the top of Google is the easiest way to generate customers every single month.

It’s the same concept for your own business, if you’re at the top of Google with an enticing offer, you have a very high chance of getting that customer to check out your website or location to see what you are all about.

We Utilize Software & Data To Find The Best Keywords That Your Customers Are Typing In

Keywords put simple, are just search terms potential customers are typing in on Google.

“Advertising Company In Fort Lauderdale” that is as a keyword phrase that our team here at Wake Advertising would want to go after to get us more clients in Fort Lauderdale!

If you have not been looking at your competition difficulty and the average cost per click data before running Google advertising campaigns, you have been making some costly mistakes.

Keyword Data Makes All Of Our PPC Advertising Decisions With Google

  • Keyword data will alert us to the search terms that are too overpriced for the amount of potential traffic you could get.
  • Keyword data is going to show us the search terms that are too competitive against other advertisers (this will drive your cost up).
  • Keyword data is going to show us the search terms that have the perfect mix of potential traffic, level of difficulty & average CPC (cost per click).

    Knowing all of these things and applying them to your own PPC advertising campaigns is what will give your organization the ability to scale at the flip of a switch. When you can generate interest for your company on demand, everything else becomes easier.

When we have our introductory call with you, we’re going to be taking notes of certain products and services you offer and truly getting to know your business.

Before we begin the PPC advertising campaigns, we will be showing you the potential traffic that you could get, the cost to generate that traffic & how many estimated clicks you will be getting to your website.

These numbers are based on historical data from Google, it’s a solid foundation of what to expect for every dollar sent out to go to work. It’s not a guaranteed set of numbers however, it does give us a great road map to work with.

The days of “being in the dark” with your advertising company are over, we’re here every step of the way!

We’ll Take Your PPC Advertising To Another Level With The Google Location Extension

Google Maps is used by 67% of people for navigation. This is such a wide open local advertising opportunity that most business owners just simply don’t know about.

Imagine that you own a restaurant and someone is in their car looking for the best tacos in town. They will usually pull up Google maps and start looking at restaurants and their reviews.

This is not only a huge advertising opportunity for businesses that need to drive actual foot traffic but, it’s also huge for people who have a physical location who may not need foot traffic, just the exposure for them to get phone calls.

It does not matter the niche you are in if you have a physical location, we’re going to be running the location extension ads heavily in your area and surrounding cities. This advertising strategy is rocket fuel for the local businesses that we help.

Combine Our Local SEO & Google Advertising Campaigns To Claim More Digital Real Estate

The more times you show up in Google when a local customer is looking for your product or service, the higher your chances are for them to give you a call or email.

You have four solid opportunities to be in your customers face when they search for your product or service on Google.

  1. You have your keyword ads to make you show up #1 at the top of the search results for whatever the consumer is typing in (the text based ads at the very top of the search).
  2. You have the ability to have a location extension advertisement in the Google maps pack. This will make you the #1 result in that city with your Google My Business listing.
  3. You also have the ability to rank #1 organically (no paid extension ads) in the Google maps pack. (We can rank your Google My Business listing under your paid extension advertisement on the maps pack).
  4. We can also rank your actual website link #1-3 after the Google My Business listings maps pack.

If you’re ready to give us a shot to increase your amount of phone calls, leads & customers, reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.