Local SEO Is The Absolute Best Way To Generate Customers As A Local Business

Local SEO is one of the best ways to generate more revenue every single month on autopilot, if your business survives off of local customers.

If you think about how you pick a company to do business with in your local area you will usually start with a Google search. That search probably goes something like this: “xyz near me” or “xyz in (your city)”.

There will be a few options for you to choose from however, most people will go the easy route and pick between the top three results and whoever has the best reviews.

Guess what else? Your ideal customers do the same thing! Your absolute best chance to increase local business is by combining our Local SEO packages with our local Google paid advertising campaigns.

If you want to cover every avenue where your customers will be, add in our geofencing social media advertising campaigns to really dominate across all major platforms.

Where Do You Actually Apply Local SEO Strategies?

Local SEO involves optimizing your website pages & Google My Business listing page.

We’re going to be building up these two platforms to allow your business to show up for search terms related to the product or services your business provides.

We’re going to go after customers in your direct local area and surrounding cities up to a 15 mile radius.

SEO is just like construction, if the foundation is not perfect from the start, we have to start all over and make it perfect to start building on.

Here are a few things we are going to be editing & adding to your website or Google My Business listing:

  • Fresh new keyword focused content
  • Backlinks
  • Citations
  • Schema Markup Code
  • Meta Data Descriptions
  • Optimizing Permalinks
  • Building Google Business Website (Not GMB Listing)
  • Internal Backlinks

These are the most important things that are going to be moving the needle in a successful SEO campaign.

Our SEO team works very similar to an assembly line in a manufacturing plant. Every step has a different department to optimize for efficiency and allows our team members to focus on each area they are experts at.

When You Hire Us For Local SEO, This Is What Happens.

Google My Business Listing Audit:

We’re going to be doing an in-depth audit of your Google My Business listing. This audit is focused around finding errors that could be hurting your local SEO and prevent you from ranking successfully.

If these errors are not fixed at the beginning, all of our other efforts will be wasted.

We’re first going to start with the basics and make sure your Google My Business listing has every info box fully filled out. This is going to give you the maximum word count that you can have and gives more information to Google for their algorithm.

This is also where we will start inserting the keywords we want your business to show up for on Google.

Think of these as “Pizza near me” type of searches, when someone types that in they are most likely in the mindset of buying within a few minutes.

It’s an extremely useful weapon in our local SEO strategy because, most of your competitors will not be going to this extent or will be implementing the software that we use to help us find the best keywords to target.

The way we will setup your GMB listing has been tested for the last four years successfully and we have found the formula that gives Google as much info as they need to help their algorithm know what your business is about and to start ranking you easier.

Business Listing Citations:

Secondly, we’re going to be checking your current business listing citations for quality, quantity & to make sure they are all matching. This is called a citation audit and where we truly excel in saving you months of time instead of fixing these one by one.

Citations are just business directories with all of your companys’ info (bio, number, website etc…)

If you have ever hired a local SEO company in the past, the probability of them building spammy citations that hold zero weight for Google is extremely high.

We will have to manually go in and fix all of your citations in order for you to outrank your competitors online, this is a mandatory tactic to implement if any of them are wrongly inserted.

You will get some traffic from these websites but we mainly use them to help you rank in Google, not so much for the direct traffic or phone calls that you will get from being on these websites.

They aren’t that popular however, they pack a HUGE punch when it comes to ranking your business on Google for your ideal customers to see you.

High Quality Local Backlinks

Backlink acquisition is the absolute most important thing when it comes to building a dominant local SEO campaign that drives more customers to you.

A backlink is essentially just your website or Google My Business listing link hyperlinked onto another businesses website that is clickable.

Backlinks in local SEO are used essentially as a community “voting” system.

Think about it in simplified terms… the more websites similar to your niche that have your website or listing link hyperlinked, the more popular you are in the community in the eyes of Google.

It’s essentially saying hey “This company has good information, we recommend them, go check out their website!”

We do all of the backlink outreach as well as the content generation for you. We do this to make you look professional in the eyes of the community, if you already have well written blog posts then you are a step ahead!

We are able to generate backlinks at scale with our custom developed outreach tools. The more high quality backlinks you get, the higher you rank on Google.

Here’s What To Do Next

If you are ready to start generating local customers with our powerful local SEO strategies that are going to be able to handle the algorithm updates from Google through the test of time, we would love to learn about your business to see how much we can help you.

This is not going to be an overnight success due to the amount of work that is involved however, we have seen on average results kicking in within 3-6 months depending on how strong your current online presence already is.

We’re very honest and up-front about these times because, most SEO companies will say whatever they can to get you to purchase, we are here for the long run and to be your partner on this amazing journey that will cure most of your customer acquisition pains.

Please use the contact forms anywhere on this website so that we can get to know more about your business, as well as schedule a FREE in-depth audit before you hire us.