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Wake Advertising has been outstanding to work with, they truly are partners that we can lean on and trust to optimize our client acquisition cost.  We're always confident in their plans to generate new avenues of traffic and sales. We knew from the first phone call it was going to be a success and we couldn't recommend them any higher.

Doug Grindstaff

Landshark dogs

The firearms business is very challenging to do marketing for because, we're not allowed to do advertising on social media.  We knew we had to go the SEO route to be successful.  We can't say enough good things about Wake Advertising, they continue to perform flawlessly and always finding new keywords for us to rank for.

Branden Waters

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Our favorite way to get you more customers as a local business is with local SEO.  When you are looking for something in your local area you will usually type in "xyz near me" or "xyz in city", your ideal customers are doing the same thing!  67% of people use Google Maps, this is the biggest marketing opportunity for local businesses because, people who are searching locally are in the market to buy! 


To really help you take up more digital real estate on Google, we're going to be running a location extension ad for your Google My Business listing.  It's quick to generate results and it will instantly put you at the #1 spot locally for your niche on Google Maps.  We will also combine this with pay per click local keyword advertising campaigns to put you as the first result in Google for whatever your product or service is.   With just two of our services you can take up to three spots on the first page of Google.  This is extremely powerful.


Most businesses fail at social media advertising because they run a single advertising campaign and expect to see results overnight.  It takes a lot of A/B split testing and tons of retargeting campaigns to turn cold visitors into customers.  We're going to essentially "stalk" any visitor that lands on your website or clicks on your ads from what is called a marketing pixel.  This is going to give us the data we need to show laser focused advertisements to people who have already been to your website or know what you have to offer. 

Backlink building 

Backlinks are the lifeblood of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success.  A backlink is just your website URL hyperlinked & clickable on another website that is in the same general niche.  Backlinks acts as a community "popularity voting" system that Google uses to choose who should rank #1 in Google.  The more high quality backlinks that you generate, the higher your rankings in Google will be.  Our backlink acquisition team only focuses on obtaining backlinks and doing all of the outreach to other companies to get your website featured on theirs. 


Business citations are a crucial piece to your local SEO campaigns.  A citation is just your business information (Website, Phone, Address Bio, etc…) on a business directory website. You need quantity & quality here and all of your information needs to be matching identically.  If your citations are not perfect, Googles algorithm will penalize your Google My Business listing.  If you're in a super competitive niche we'll work towards building roughly 1,600 citations.  We'll give you a citation health report and if we need to fix all of your current citations, our audit service is going to clean it all up. 


Many SEO companies can't deliver high powered content that sounds like the actual company owner and expert of the topic was creating it.  We have a great team of writers and researchers to make content generation easy.  High quality and in-depth 1,500+ word content is king when it comes to SEO.  Having updated content every month is crucial for Googles algorithm to count your website as an "authority publisher" in your local niche.  Everyone knows blogging is an incredible source for lead generation, they just don't have the time.  This service cures all content generation troubles.